Instagram influencer and lingerie model Nadia Bartel will face no charges after a video emerged of her appearing to snort an unidentified white powder from a plate at a party.

The Chief Commissioner of Police for the Australian state of Victoria, Shane Patton, told ABC radio that there were no grounds for a prosecution as police were “unable to determine what the substance on the plate was”.

But Bartel, former wife of Aussie Rules Football star Jimmy Bartel, is still paying a penalty for her indiscretion.

Hairhouse Australia, a haircare and beauty company, confirmed earlier this week that they would no longer be working with Nadia and vitamin supplement manufacturers JSHealth have also distanced themselves from the AFL WAG.

JSHealth founder Jessica Sepel posted to her Instagram page: “Today I've had to make a hard decision as the founder and face of my brand, and let go of a brand endorser. I have to stand for what's right.

“We are a health brand who is very serious about aligning with individuals who share the same values.”

Australian lingerie brand Fine Lines has also dropped her from its website – drawing wry comments from social medias about the “fine lines” of powder on Nadia’s plate – and she has also been hit with a $5452 (£2900) fine for breaching Covid rules at the party.

Three other women who had attended the gathering were also fined the same amount but a fifth woman in the group was not charged because she was “complying with employment restrictions”, Victoria Police said on Monday.

The controversial video was reportedly shared to Instagram by Bartel's friend and business partner Ellie Pearson.

Pearson had reportedly meant to send the clip to her sister, but posted it online by accident and only deleted it 10 minutes later.

By then the damage was done, and the clip of Bartel apparently taking drugs quickly spread across social media and made its way into the hands of the police.

Bartel, 36, has issued a public apology to her 600,000 Instagram followers, promising she would “make better choices in future”.

“To my family and friends, my business partners and the public health workers trying to keep us all safe, I am embarrassed and remorseful,” she wrote.

The mum-of-two added: “I am truly and deeply sorry. I hope I can earn your forgiveness and, in time, your trust. Nadia.”

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