Calgary Transit users will be able to buy their tickets and passes online starting July 1.

According to the transit authority, the MyFare app — which is free to download — will allow users to buy their passes at any time from their smartphones.

The set-up process should be easy, Calgary Transit said, starting with downloading the app and doing a one-time activation with MyID.

Then users simply select the type of ticket they want to buy, enter their payment information, and their ticket or pass will show up in their ticket wallet.

Tickets need to be activated before each ride, Calgary Transit said, meaning riders need to have them activated before boarding a bus or entering the fare restriction area of CTrain platforms. Tickets and passes can’t be deactivated.

The tickets can then be scanned into the on-board scanners on buses, or shown to patrolling Calgary Transit peace officers.

Tickets and passes that can be purchased in the initial phase of the app include:

  • Adult and youth monthly passes
  • Adult and youth day passes
  • Adult and youth single tickets
  • Airport passes

People can also transfer trains and buses with their mobile tickets the same way they do with traditional tickets and passes.

The MyFare app is compatible on the majority of iOS or Android devices that have current or previous major versions of their operating systems. Older software may not support the app, Calgary Transit said.

For the time being, Calgary Transit said the app will “only offer fares that don’t have an additional layer of eligibility required,” meaning seniors’ passes and low-income passes won’t be featured.

Receipts for tickets will be sent to users’ email address linked to their account.

People have the option to store their credit card information, save for the CCV number, in the app for buying tickets and passes in the future.

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