Controversial former adult star Mia Khalifa has sent her loyal army of Twitter fans into meltdown with a cryptic but explicit tweet.

Khalifa, who gave up porn in 2019 after five years in the business, has made a habit out of being controversial on social media.

And her latest tweet did just that.

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Mia tweeted: “Just cause you sucked my t***ies doesn't make me your mama.”

The response to the tweet ranged from memes about what lewd fans would do to Mia's “t***ies”, to people just generally laughing about the randomness of it.

And for some reason, she hid a reply from a fan using a GIF of her biting her bottom lip, which appears to have been clipped from one of her porn films.

The tweet racked up 1,935 retweets, more than 406 quote tweets and a whopping 33.3k likes.

One fan replied: “Just because I give you an allowance doesn’t make me your daddy.”

There was also a section of fans who launched scathing attacks on the social media influencer.

One wrote: “I don’t dislike Mia but she’s a (sic) epitome of what happens when u place a reject into a good looking body, massive pick me with little character development due to her being a reject as a youngster – she still talks and acts like a teenager.”

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And another posted: “Tweet something about #IranRevolution.

“That's more productive.”

Earlier this week, Mia posted two pictures and a video of her in a beautifully lit room lounging on fresh white bed sheets.

Featuring heavily in the images is a very famous copy of Pablo Picasso’s artwork, Tête de femme No. 2, Portrait of Dora Maar, painted in 1942.

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Translated into English as Head of a Woman No. 2, it was most recently exhibited in New York’s Museum of Modern art.

The Picasso features and references were the inspiration for one Twitter user’s comment, which earned a reply from the former PornHub hero.

The user wrote in Spanish: “Hubieras Sido la inspiración perfecta para Picasso,” which translates to “You would have been the perfect inspiration for Picasso”.

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Mia, never one to shy away from internet engagement quipped back: “This is the most pretentious way to tell someone they look like a side chick."

The women Picasso painted were his muses, with many of them thought to be the Spanish artist's lovers.

The painter earned a reputation as a serial womaniser and his relationships with them have since become the sources of art exhibitions in their own right.

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