Former US President Donald Trump gives bizarre response to questions relating to his wife, describing her as "low key, but not actually low key".

Trump was being asked questions about his wife Melania during a lengthy interview with Newsmax TV.

The hosts brought up the lack of public activity from Melania following the end of his reign in the White House and asked what she has been doing the past six months.

Trump responded: "It’s very funny. She's a very confident person. She was very successful as a model, she was very, very successful. and she is low key, but not actually low key, but she's low key and the people love her.

"For instance, I'm making a speech in Ohio, where they're going to have big crowds, they already have them lined up. We're going to have big crowds tomorrow night, and when I go there, there will be many, many signs. 'We love our first lady, we love our first lady,' and a lot of times they show a picture of a high heel, a shoe with a high heel."

The question prompted Trump to talk about the media coverage surrounding his wife’s outfit while they toured the damaged areas of Hurricane Harvey.

Melania drew criticism for attending and meeting Hurricane Harvey victims in heels.

Trump added: "That's when they scammed us when she went to a hurricane, and in Texas, and we left for Air Force One, and she feels an obligation to be beautifully dressed representing the people of our country, so she walked into the plane wearing, you know, we're looking great, and then she had a bag and the bag was sneakers and a sweatsuit and all the things, right? And she got hammered for going to a hurricane that way, you know, etc, etc, and the high heels became a big thing, anyway.

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"They love the first lady and the people, and you don't read that, you don't read that and they, the news loves to keep her out, and that's okay, frankly, with her, it's absolutely okay. You understand she's got a lot of confidence, got a lot of confidence."

The hosts attempted to get Trump to move on but he was keen to discuss the media coverage of his wife and how she is portrayed.

He went on to talk about how she helped with Decorations at Christmas time and did a "beautiful job" around the White House and with the Rose Garden.

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