Meghan Markle 'thought she would be a star' but failed to become one as 'the UK already has the Queen', a royal author has claimed.

Barbara Taylor Bradford, the author of A Woman Of Substance who has actually been handed an OBE by Her Majesty, was keen to insist that the current monarch cannot be outshone.

The Leeds-born author claimed to Richard Eden at the Daily Mail: "Meghan came to the UK imagining she'd be the star of the red carpet, even though she wasn't much more than a starlet in America.

"What she didn't realise is that we already have a shining star on the red carpet, someone who's been there for 70 years. She's called the Queen."

She added: "The Queen is magnificent, and William and Kate grow in stature day by day. She's divine — and how does she stay so slim?"

Royal popularity polling from YouGov would appear to support Taylor Bradford's claim that the Queen remains "divine" in the eyes of the British public.

According to the pollster, Her Majesty is the most liked member of The Firm, scoring a 72% popularity rating.

Her late husband Prince Philip comes in second with 62%, along with Prince William on the same score.

Unfortunately for the Duchess of Sussex, she languishes near to the bottom of the rankings.

Despite being one of the most famous royals (with a 96% fame rating) Meghan comes in fourteenth place with a mere 28%.

Only Prince Andrew is lower than the former actress with a 13% popularity rating.

This comes after another royal expert claimed that Meghan and Prince Harry will likely return to the UK this year, meaning that the Queen will meet their daughter Lilibet Diana for the first time.

During an interview with Pod Save The Queen podcast host Ann Gripper, royal commentator Russell Myers claimed that the Sussexes could make the trip across the pond in spring for some of Harry's projects.

Myers explained: "It’s been a busy year and it probably is a good time to let this year go, see what happens in the new year and hopefully we will see them back in the UK.

"Because Harry has got the Invictus Games, fingers crossed [in May/June], so one would assume he will come back and see his family.

"And again, one would assume Meghan will come to the Invictus Games as well, with the children.

"So, I think that that’s probably a fair bet to say that we may see them in the springtime next year. But who knows?"

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