Tennis fans from all over the world flock to watch Wimbledon every year – and in 2019, Meghan Markle was one of them.

But her appearance was marred in a moment of “bonkers” controversy that even left her security team feeling “embarrassed”.

The Duchess of Sussex was watching her pal Serena Williams as she tried to defend her Wimbledon crown before dramatically crashing out of the competition.

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Tennis fan and media consultant Sally Jones had been sat on the same row as the American and tried to take a picture of the game.

But she says that after she tried to do so, a member of Meghan’s security team told her to put the camera away.

She claims a royal protection officer told her: “Would you not take photographs of the Duchess. She’s here in a private capacity.”

But Jones says she hadn’t even noticed Prince Harry’s wife was there and was simply trying to record part of the game.

She told the Daily Telegraph at the time: “I think this royal protection officer was quite embarrassed.

“He appeared a bit mystified as to why he was being asked to make such a request.

“I told him it was bonkers and that even if I had been trying to snap the Duchess I’d have got a blurry picture of her right ear. Apart from anything else, there were hundreds of people clicking away.

“I said to him; have you thought about having a word with any of those television cameras? He looked a little uncomfortable.”

Jones went on to slam the incident as a “puzzlingly random control freakery”.

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Although the odd interaction took place before the Sussex's highly-publicised withdrawal from the Royal Family, the years that followed the odd Wimbledon incident have seen further controversy for the couple.

Last week, a royal insider claimed that the Queen is “fed up with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry drama”.

The source said the ageing monarch wanted the bullying inquiry to be handled privately to avoid any further damage being caused to the Royal Family’s public image.


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