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Meghan Markle may have eased her struggles with her family had she invited them to her wedding with Prince Harry, a royal commentator has claimed

The Duchess of Sussex's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr is appearing in this year's Big Brother in Australia and called Meghan "shallow" in a recent teaser.

Her half-sister, Samantha Markle, has also regularly criticised her in TV interviews while estranged father Thomas Markle Sr recently said that she’s no longer “the daughter I knew” in a GB News interview.

Experts have now suggested this difficult situation may not have been so bad had the Duchess of Sussex simply invited more of her family to her wedding.

Speaking on the Mail’s Palace Confidential podcast, Sunday Diary Editor Charlotte Griffiths suggested that Meghan “should have just invited them all, even the most random members of her family.”

This, Charlotte claimed, would have “locked them down, years ago”.

Mail columnist Sarah Vine agreed. She compared the situation to “the sleeping beauty principle.” She explained: “You’ve got to invite the witch to the wedding.”

She suggested: “I think if you’re worried about optics further down the line then you just have to be a bit careful. I do think at every stage with her father’s side of the family, she has hoped that they will all disappear into a hole.”

Sarah replied by claiming there is "a lot of money to be made" by Meghan's family in speaking about her to the press.

Sarah continued: “They may not make the millions that Harry and Meghan will be making, but they’ll make a few bucks and that will make their lives materially better. So why wouldn’t they?”

It comes after the columnist claimed that the Duchess of Sussex was getting a "taste of her own medicine" by her brother "cashing in" on Big Brother.

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