Star Hobson's mum has been warned that she will be ‘attacked’ in jail after being convicted for causing or allowing the death of the 16-month-old.

Frankie Smith, 20, was given an eight-year sentence and is currently serving her time in jail at New Hall Prison in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which is the same prison as serial killer Rose West.

The nation has been shocked by the case of Star’s death at the hands of Smith’s girlfriend Savannah Brockhill, 28, who was jailed for life over the little girl's death.

Smith, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, is reported to be housed in a single cell on the Willow House wing but is said to be a target for other prisoners.

Inmates are said to be plotting to attack Smith in exchange for prison currency, according to the Sun.

It has been alleged that Smith does not have a cellmate but currently eats and showers in the communal block.

A source said: "She’s a marked woman and it won’t be long before someone gets to her.

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"She’s on the lifers’ wing so there are plenty of women with very little to lose who will attack her for the price of a few bars of chocolate or some toiletries."

Smith is currently waiting to see if both her and Brockhill sentences are increased after the Attorney General was asked to review them after outcry from the public.

According to Sunday People, Smith has reached out to her grandad David Fawcett and said she is a “little upset” that her eight year sentence is being reviewed after she was cleared of Star’s murder.

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Although Smith is currently housed in the same prison as the notorious serial killer West, they are living in different areas.

West is based in Rivendell House, which is a separate unit for prisoners who have personality disorders and mental health problems.

The Ministry of Justice have been contacted and declined to comment on the threats made toward Smith.

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Smith’s daughter Star was killed with “cruelty” by both her and Brockhill, Mrs Justice Lambert said at Bradford Crown Court.

Star died in hospital from blood loss after her inferior vena cava was torn but had several injuries sustained over the weeks prior, including a broken leg and ribs.

In court, a report on her injuries were usually only seen in victims of a car crash victims but it is believed Star suffered her injuries through "punches, kicks or stamps".

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