A coronavirus-fearing train passenger brought his own sink to wash his hands on a London Overground train.

He also donned a motorbike helmet and rubber gloves before smearing himself in hand sanitiser to dodge catching the killer bug.

His baffled fellow commuters watched on as the man went to extreme lengths to avoid the deadly virus.

The traveller started by pouring cold water from a bottle into his sink before pulling a rubber glove out of a Lidl carrier bag.

He then hastily rubbed some hand sanitiser into his palms before putting on the yellow marigolds.

The man, riding on London’s Overground, then smeared even more alcohol gel over the gloves.

One woman smirked throughout the bizarre ritual.

Others laughed and filmed the man, believed to be a prankster.

The video was uploaded on Reddit.

One Redditor wrote: “Wow he bought everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink!”

Another said: “Why does this kind of nutter ALWAYS sit next to me.”

Others queried his tactics, pointing out flaws in his little hygiene routine.

One explained: “Alcohol based hand sanitizers only are effective if they are at least 60% concentration. By washing his hands using water first, and not with soap, he’s lowering the concentration below the point it will kill the coronavirus.”

But the clip amused plenty of people.

“This actually made me laugh out loud,” said one.

Another added: “I enjoyed it you miserable bastards. Particularly like the alcohol gel ON TOP of the gloves.”

One more chimed in, joking: “What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? You can't wash your hands in a buffalo.”

Transport for London has ramped up cleaning on its train and bus services to try and stop coronavirus spreading.

Many people have been wearing masks and gloves and are visibly trying not to touch surfaces.

Police arrested one man who licked his fingers and smeared them on a handrail on a Belgian underground train.

The emergency Cobra committee are meeting again today to discuss the coronavirus crisis which is beginning to impact Britain significantly.

The outbreak is set to see the Premier League forced behind closed doors in order to get the season finished with a meeting happening today over the Covid-19 plans.

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