A man was shocked to find a letter he had written more than 40 years ago which included a slew of accurate predictions.

Author Kevin Williamson's 18-year-old self made several predictions for the future in 1979 which proved to be very close to the truth.

The 60-year-old posted images of the letter he wrote on November 26, 1979, on Twitter showing that it came in an envelope instructing him to open in on January 1, 2000.

Having finally opened it 21 years late, it appears that a younger Mr Williamson was closer to reality than he would have thought.

Covering topics from music to football, he wrote: “At the time of writing this, I am sitting in the bedroom of my digs listening to the Kid Jensen Show on Radio 1.

“I have decided to write this as I am interested to see what I thought about this time, when I read it in the year 2000 AD.

“About football, will Celtic and Rangers have their monopoly on Scottish football broken?

“Will people remember George Best (I will see him play his first home match for Hibs this weekend), Kenny Dalglish (Scotland's most capped footballer) and the brilliant Andy Ritchie of Morton.

“I predict that Ritchie, who got his first international cap in the Under 21s team this week, will have become a footballing legend. He is a real genius.

“Will Scotland ever win the World Cup – I doubt it, after seeing the Argentine disaster.

“I don't think Scotland were made to be world champions although I can only hope.”

Both Best and Dalglish are viewed as footballing legends today, while Andy Ritchie became a hero for Greenock Morton – scoring 100 league goals in 213 appearances – but never grabbed world fame like the two other footballing icons.

He also questioned whether football transfers would rise above “the ridiculous £1.5 million paid for Andy Gray of Wolves”.

He predicted that, by the year 2000, they would hit £20 million.

Mr Williamson was nearly right, as Luis Figo was sold by Barcelona to Real Madrid for £37 million that year.

In the field of music, he pondered whether people would remember the “brilliant Sex Pistols short but influential career up to the point of Sid Vicious' death”, which they did.

He also wondered what would happened to bands such as The Clash, The Jam, Blondie, Wire, Human League, PIL, Souxsie and the Banshees, Skids, Specials, Undertones, Stranglers, Elvis Costello, and XTC.

Is safe to say that the man had very good taste in music.

And lastly, he questioned the future of space travel.

“Will space travel have progressed dramatically and will we (Earth) have had contact with aliens from outer space?,” he asked.

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“I am dubious about the visit from aliens as I don't believe interstellar travel will ever be feasible. Einstein's theory of relativity convinces me of that.”

Well, Space X founder Elon Musk, NASA, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have all made it their missions to prove Mr Williamson wrong.

The letter provoked a strong reaction on Twitter, with some calling for him to turn it into a Netflix series.

He replied “It was some item in about ten large boxes of stuff from the last 40 odd years.

“Must be a Netflix series in there, defo!”

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