A "theatrical" bloke fell to the floor and faked a heart attack in 20 different restaurants just to avoid paying the bill.

Conman Aidas J. was caught out on the bogus medical emergencies after scamming a number of eateries in Alicante, Spain. The Lithuanian had performed the sly act as a way of skipping out on his meal prices.

Falling to the floor and clutching his chest in mock agony, the man's scam was uncovered after he tried it one too many times. El Buen Comer, an eatery nearly falling for the scam, hit out at Aidas, who has since been arrested.

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The manager of El Buen has since explained how they caught the scam artist out, with a cry for medical attention from Aidas falling on deaf ears. Staff members were wise to his antics, and were not tricked by his faked medical emergency.

El Buen's general manager said: "It was very theatrical, he pretended to faint and slumped himself down on the floor." Staff members were already aware of the move, as Aidas had scammed El Buen before.

Another restaurant worker from El Pais claimed he "lay down on the floor, acted as if his chest hurt and began to shake". Aidas would dress up in "designer clothes" and pretend to be a Russian tourist, police claim.

Some incidents saw Aidas clutching expensive food orders including lobster dishes and expensive whiskeys before he took a tumble to the floor, the Daily Mail reported. His crime spree has been deemed a series of "minor crimes", with prices skipped out on anywhere between £13 to £60.

All in, Aidas managed to make off with £666 total in a series of petty thefts which landed him behind bars.

The crime spree lasted two months and he was arrested several times, but was released soon after due to the small amount owed.

He has now been jailed for 42 days after refusing to pay two fines he received for his ridiculous theatrics. El Buen Comer sent Aidas' picture out to other restaurants in the hopes of preventing him from "striking again".

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