A family's Thanksgiving Day dinner turned into a horrendous tragedy before it began after a husband allegedly murdered, dismembered and disembowelled his own wife.

And it happened just hours before the couple's family was due to arrive to eat.

Karlan Denio, 62, was arrested and charged with one count of open murder in the first degree against his now-late wife Connie.

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According to local news, she was found by son Darin, who was the first family member to arrive at the family home alongside his brother and sister-in-law in New Mexico – however, nobody was able to access the home.

Panicking, he called his sister Tami Pacheco, who called the Albuquerque Police Department.

They gained access via a garage, having broken down a door.

Karlan was found laying in bed, with the woman's dead body on the floor in the same room.

According to local news, she was found “dismembered and disembowelled”, and he was found with cuts on his leg and neck.

He was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

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Karlan's family told police he had been diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) two years ago, and an expert said that people with FTD were “particularly prone to sociopathic behaviour while retaining knowledge of their acts and of moral and conventional rules”.

Karlan remains in custody, with no court date set as yet.

Neighbour Rich Cordova told the Albuquerque Journal: “I’m stunned – that is unbelievable.

“They were nice folks, and it was the last I would expect a tragedy to happen to.”

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A reporter from the AJ was at the scene on Friday (November 25), the day after the shocking incident.

They said: “The home appeared empty and across the street two neighbours put a large Christmas tree up on their balcony.

“The pair, like many of the neighbours, declined to talk about the Denios or what had transpired the day before.”

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