A man wanted to steal a jet so he could fly to Area 51 and look at aliens, he told police.

The bloke was arrested on Wednesday after he drove through fences at the McCarran International Airport in a limo.

He reportedly parked on an aircraft ramp and made a bomb threat as part of the terrifying incident, according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report.

The suspect was arrested for trespassing, dispersing a hoax substance, and threatening terroristic acts, the report added.

Area 51, an Air Force Base located in the Nevada desert, is used as an open training range for the US Air Force today, writes CNN.

However, UFO and paranormal fans have been obsessed with conspiracy theories claiming it is a location where the US government store and hide alien bodies and aircraft.

Officers were called to reports of a vehicle performing donuts at the Jet Suite X parking lot at 6.45pm local time.

When they made their way to the area, they were notified the car had breached inner and outer security gates and was now driving recklessly across a plane ramp.

Airport police witnessed the suspect reportedly driving between several airplanes before stopping next to a parked jet.

The man is also accused of threatening Atlantic Aviation employees who had confronted him.

Witnesses claim he was wearing a clown mask and told employees: "I have a f***ing bomb. I'm going to blow this place up."

It's said he got back into the car as employees ran for cover and began evacuating the airport, the report added.

When cops arrived they stopped the vehicle and detained the suspect, who told them he was attempting to steal a jet to fly to Area 51 to see aliens.

He reportedly told them he had a gasoline device and a shotgun in his car.

After a search, police found a device similar to an oxygen tank and what appeared to be a fire extinguisher with heavy-gauge wiring wrapped around it and a wooden platform, which looked similar to a possible explosive device, the report said.

During the chaos, the suspect is said to have nearly crashed into several aircraft, disrupted air traffic, and prompted a major response by Las Vegas police as well as the FBI, it added.

Airport fences were repaired several hours later, Joe Rajchekl, the airport's public information administer said.

"We thank those diligent workers who responded to this situation and safeguarded those here at the airport, both on the ground and in the air," Rajchel added.

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