Family's pet dog lies unfazed on trampoline as child jumps

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Bruce, a white and tan American bully, loves when his human sister bounces him on the trampoline. Emma Donaldson, from Queensland, Australia, shared a hilarious video of the lazy dog lounging on the trampoline enjoying being bounced by the little girl.

It almost looks as if the duo are playing a game of ‘crack the egg’, with Buster pleased to not need to put any of the work in himself.

The video has been viewed a quarter of a million times, and loved the heartwarming relationship between daughter and dog.

One said: “This is the most wholesome thing on the internet today.”

Others have said their dogs love trampolines too, with one describing the garden toy as a ‘giant dog bed’.

Another said: “What is it with dogs and trampolines?”

And a third user is running out to buy their dog one, adding: “This is so cute. I really need to buy a trampoline. I’m sure my dog will love it.”

Dogs on trampolines is one of the most adorable things to witness – made famous by the John Lewis advert of 2016.

But whilst Buster the boxer loved to bounce on his trampoline in the snow, an American bulldog named Bruce prefers to relax on his.

The original trampolining Buster, from the John Lewis advert, is now 11 years old and lives with his owner Jan Patten in Bedfordshire.

The dog, whose real name is Biff, has spent his years since the famous advert raising money for dog charities and posing with fans.

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