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Mr Woodward, who is famed for breaking the Watergate Scandal that brought down US president Richard Nixon described the event in his new book ‘Rage’. The journalist revealed how the dictator told Mr Trump that he murdered his uncle by dispatching his head and then placed the head on the chest of the dead body and forced top officials to view the gruesome spectacle. The book describes how Mr Trump took pride in the fact that the North Korean leader, “tells me everything”.

It goes on to say that Kim Jong-un gave the president a “graphic account” of the events surrounding the execution of his uncle Jang Song Thaek for treason.

At the beginning of Kim Jong un’s reign, it is believed that his uncle Jang helped cement his authority.

But, the uncle, who wanted to reform and open up North Korea attracted the suspicion of Kim Jong-un.

In 2015 Kim Jong-un conducted a major purge, his uncle Jang met his grim fate during this time.

After his death, his uncle’s name was denounced publically.

He was accused of being “worse than a dog”, and “despicable human scum” by North Korea’s official news agency KCNA.

Recently the US president has been suggesting that he is impressed by Kim Jong-un.

On Thursday morning Mr Trump tweeted: “Kim Jong Un is in good health.

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“Never underestimate him!”

In the book about Donald Trump, Mr Woodward wrote that the president was impressed by Mr Kim when he first met him in Singapore in 2018.

Mr Woodward writes in the book that Mr Trump thought the CIA had “no idea” how to handle Pyongyang.

The sensational new book by Bob Woodward portrays Mr Trump as someone who mistakes fantasy for reality.

The book is the sequel to Mr Woodward’s 2018 book ‘Fear: Trump in the White House’.


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