Evil killer Chris Watts has been sent dozens of love letters to his prison cell as he racks up admirers despite being given five life sentences for heinous crimes.

The beast, who is infamous for the brutal killings of his pregnant wife and two young daughters, has been receiving fan mail from smitten women looking for romance.

It seems the love-struck writers have overlooked the morbid acts committed by Watts in Colorado in 2018, that saw him strangle his wife Shanann and smother youngsters Bella, four, and Celeste, three.

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Sick Watts then dumped the corpses on a work site, burying his wife before hiding his tragic daughters in barrels of crude oil.

Despite the horrors leading to Watts becoming notorious throughout the world, a Netflix true crime documentary called American Murder: The Family Next Door led to the killer becoming even more infamous.

Fan mail has poured in for Watts, with prosecutors from the Weld County District Attorney describing some of the content.

One woman penned a letter and told the killer: "In my heart, I know you are a great guy.

"If you do write me back I'd be the happiest girl alive, that's for sure #teamchris #chrisisinnocent #lovehim #socute."

While another included a racy bikini picture alongside the line: “I've found myself thinking a lot about you.”

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She also told evil Watts she wanted the spicy image to “brighten” up his day.

Another declared that she thought he was her “soulmate” in an enthusiastic handwritten letter, while others have been posted all the way from Australia.

Watts, who narrowly avoided the death penalty after confessing to the horrid crimes, had been having an affair with a woman who he worked with before deciding to take the lives of three people and his unborn child.

Given his sentence of five life sentences without parole, it is unlikely he will ever leave the confines of his prison cell.

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