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A kidnapped five-year-old girl's dad lay dead in their flat while she was held captive by a "monster" for five days, US reports say.

Their next door neighbour Dangelo Clemons, 30, was arrested after little Maggie Millsap was seen banging on a window for help.

The convicted armed robber has not been charged in connection with the death of Colby Millsap, who had been raising Maggie on his own after her mother died of cancer.

Maggie's babysitter and neighbour Raynell Jones said she saw her in the window of Clemons' apartment, banging on the glass and screaming for help.

She told Fox 2: "She goes, 'Help me, help me please'.

"When the guy walks back up she says, 'The monster is back', and then she closes the curtain."

Clemons, who has been accused of kidnap and child enticement, reportedly shut the door on Ms Jones and other neighbours who told him to let Maggie go while police were on their way.

Officers forced their way into his flat and arrested him after arriving at 10.30pm, the Washington Post reported.

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Cops also found a man dead in the living room of the Millsap's unit who was locally named as her father on June 30.

Officers removed Maggie from Clemons' apartment and took her to a hospital.

Mobile phone footage showed her telling a female officer: "Do you know what I want to be when I grow up? I want to be a policeman."

Police have not disclosed a motive behind the child's kidnapping, or her father's death.

Detroit police detective James Kraszewski said it does not appear that Maggie was physically or sexually abused during her captivity.

Praising the neighbours, he told the Detroit Free Press: "They put their own lives in jeopardy to try to save that girl.

"If it hadn't been for them, God knows what could have happened to that little girl."

Maggie, now an orphan, currently remains in foster care. She is said to have some family in Texas.

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Clemons was arraigned on the kidnapping and enticement charges on July 3 and had his bond set at $250,000.

He is due back in court on August 18.

Detroit Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement: "All allegations like these that confirm why we all do this challenging work. We must protect our children by all lawful means necessary."

Online records indicate that Clemons has a prior criminal history that includes a 2010 conviction on a charge of armed robbery.

He was released from prison in 2013 after serving less than three years.

Maggie's godmother, Karla Reeves, told WDIV that she wants Clemons held accountable for his actions.

"He needs to know that he hurt this little girl for the rest of her life," she said.

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