Kate Middleton has a “tough job” when attending events with her husband Prince William, says a speech expert.

The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly changes her body language and speech style to “put him first”.

Speech expert and voiceover actor Jon Briggs has noticed changes in Kate when she appears on her own, compared to when she attends public events with William.

Speaking to the Express, Jon said: “As a consort to William she is used to putting him first – but actually she uses more empathy and prosody (light and shade) in her voice than William does.

“Being the number two in a relationship or even a conversation – knowing that all eyes tend to be on the number one (William in this instance) is a tough job, you learn your place and that you're not really the important one here.

“Kate holds her own but is best when not in vision with William at the same time.”

Jon went onto detail how Kate and William interact with each other, including how they don’t often look at each other and hold hands in public.

He described Kate’s behaviour around William as those shown by his mother, the late Princess Diana, and how it demonstrates that the Duchess knows her status in the Royal Family.

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Jon added: “Kate will adopt a listening position, her head slightly tilted to one side, much like William's mother Princess Diana used to do.

“It's a position that says ‘I’m interested and listening to you – and ensuring that you know my status doesn't get in the way of this conversation.’”

Kate and William were most recently seen together attending Together At Christmas, which was hosted by the Duchess.

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The carol event, broadcast on ITV, saw Kate take centre stage as the Duchess wowed royal fans by joining musician Tom Walker by playing piano.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now preparing for a celebration as Kate turns 40 on January 9.

Although their plans have not been made public, it is expected Kate will hold a small private gathering with family.

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