COP26: Biden tells Prince Charles ‘we need you badly’

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Rick Perry, ex-Energy Secretary and Governor of Texas, accused the Biden administration of pushing policies linked to inflation in the US. He added that the combination of these policies, soaring domestic prices and restrictions on the American oil industry could spell “disaster.”

Mr Perry told CNBC: “The Biden administration’s restrictive actions – no to pipelines, no to drilling, no to the financing of oil and gas projects overseas … is a stunning reversal of the energy independence achieved under the Trump administration.”

He added: “The potential for disaster is very real, both in a national security standpoint, and whether or not we literally can keep the lights on.”

During Mr Perry’s stint in office at the Department of Energy, he pursued pro-oil measures and is linked to the oil industry in his home state of Texas.

He has previously held positions on the boards of two different petroleum companies, reports CNBC.

Energy prices across the world have spiked in recent months.

According to CNBC, natural gas prices have increased by just shy of 600% in 2021.

The news outlet also highlights that the US did not stop importing oil supplies from abroad during the Trump administration – but domestic production did see an increase.

The White House has lobbied OPEC, and other oil producers, to speed up expanded oil output as prices per barrel shot up.

The response received by the Biden administration was that this group of oil exporters would not accelerate their plans to increase output earlier than planned.

The US is also experiencing the fastest annual inflation rate increase in three decades.

Mr Perry zeroed in on apparent discrepancies between the Biden administration’s lobbying for increased oil supplies and their publicised commitments at the ongoing COP26 climate change conference.

Mr Perry said: “On the one hand, you’ve got John Kerry, jetting all around the world, lecturing people about the use of fossil fuels, and then you have the Secretary of Energy Mrs Granholm standing up and begging His Royal Highness Abdulaziz bin Salman to send more crude so we can drive down the cost of gasoline.”

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Jennifer Granholm, current Energy Secretary, told CNBC separately on Friday at COP26 that clean energy sources for the US were vital “so that we are not reliant upon the volatility of fossil fuels.”

She said: “We saw what OPEC did yesterday, which is to stick to their plan and not increase production.”

She added: “The bottom line is, this is … exactly why we should be, as a globe, focusing on getting our resources from the sun, from the wind, from the technology that we’ve developed in electric vehicles, etcetera.”

Speaking at COP26, President Biden stated: “Glasgow must be the kickoff of a decade — a decade of ambition and innovation to preserve our shared future.”

He spoke of how Americans were experiencing the impacts of climate change like many other countries across the globe, adding: “But, ladies and gentlemen, within the growing catastrophe, I believe there’s an incredible opportunity, not just for the United States but for all of us.

“We’re standing at an inflection point in world history.

“We have the ability to invest in ourselves and build an equitable clean-energy future and in the process create millions of good-paying jobs and opportunities around the world — cleaner air for our children, where bountiful oceans, healthier forests and ecosystems for our planet.”

Elected on a clean energy platform, the Biden-Harris election campaign spoke of how “President Trump has spent his presidency ignoring the experts and scientists, reversing the Obama-Biden Administration’s efforts to address climate change.”

They continued that this had included “abandoning communities and workers, and blocking states and cities trying to lead— going backwards, all while we should have been doing even more.”

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