LBC panel erupts over rising meat price to fight climate change

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Chairman of the climate change committee, Lord Deben, reflected on the need for all global powers to effectively combat climate change. While speaking on Sky News with Trevor Philips, Lord Deben argued Boris Johnson’s Government had been making progress and the rest of Parliament had been compliant. In comparison, he highlighted President Joe Biden is having “terrible trouble on climate change.

He added President Biden is facing difficulties in passing laws to ensure the US and contribute to the global effort against climate change. 

Lord Deben said: “One of the problems with the press is we hear too little about the bits that we are getting right and always concentrating on things we get wrong.

“My trouble is, I am the Chairman of climate change committee and my job is to keep the Government’s feet to the fire and make sure it goes on doing the right thing and avoids the wrong thing.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t respect that this Government has committed itself in a way that no other Government has.

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“Parliament has supported it.

“Whereas Joe Biden has rejoined the world in this remarkable way but he is having terrible trouble in getting his own legislature to give him the support that we need if we are going to stop the world from disaster.

“Disaster it is, don’t undermine this, this is one chance we have to save the world.” 

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