Possessions do happen at a prison dubbed one of the most haunted places in England – but they are ‘not like in the movies’, its paranormal manager has said.

Kirsten Honey, 49, says paranormal activity at the historic of Bodmin Jail in Cornwall is a “regular occurrence”.

She has been working at the prison-cum-hotel since 2015 and studies paranormal activity at the 18th century lock-up.

As part of her job, she delivers After Dark Experiences where she helps visitors experience paranormal phenomena.

And she believes possessions happen at the jail, but not in the way they are depicted in films.

She told Cornwall Live: "Possession is real. I’m not talking demonic possession.

"From our perspective, possession is very different to how you would see it on the movies for instance.

“What you see on the films I'm not saying isn't real, there are demonic possessions that do happen in this world and they're very, very, very difficult to manage."

Bodmin Jail has not been a working prison since 1927.

Kirsten says possession can look like a sudden change in someone's behaviour or faintness.

She added: "Possession at Bodmin Jail is a submersion of energy feels.

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"You're overwhelmed, you're overcome by a sense of change of atmosphere for you or complete change in personality.

“You get a distancing from yourself. It can have a dramatic affect on people, it can actually be quite traumatic in a sense.

"Although they recover very, very quickly, you definitely have that impact, you know possession has happened for you."

The jail was designed by Sir John Call and built in 1779, and was operational for 150 years in which it saw over 50 public hangings.

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It was the first British prison to hold prisoners in individual cells and is considered to the one of the most haunted places in England according to paranormal hunters.

Kirsten added: "On a regular basis we have touching, feeling, poking, having hands held onto people, people talking to you, noises that are just out of the blue that can't be placed with anything physical.

“There is so, so much that happens here at Bodmin Jail.

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"The word paranormal, for us, means anything that's not normal within your day-to-day life.

"Anything that comes across as something that's not explainable, something that doesn't happen frequently, something that is really obscure and you just cannot place scientifically or personally – that would fall under paranormal for us working within the paranormal spectrum."

The prison closed in 1927 but re-opened as a tourist attraction offering ghost tours and even a hotel.

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Kirsten added: "I kind of thought you would have the odd movement, the odd shadow.

“What I didn't expect was full on paranormal activity – interaction at its greatest, being held onto, being hugged, being told a story, being actually spoken to in real time, hearing and seeing poltergeist activity.

"Bodmin Jail has a phenomenal reputation for being the most haunted place in England and it upholds that reputation very nicely. I don't really have to try, that's the easy part of my job.”

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