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An adult star who calls herself Ireland's “Hottest MILF” has told how she was hounded by a stalker – but now makes £100,000 per year from filthy requests such as sticking Maltesers up her bum.

The 47-year-old, who is known online as Irish Jezebel – or “Jez” for short – started her adult career as a dancer in an American strip club when she was 19, before becoming a sex worker and OnlyFans star in the UK.

The mum-of-two had kept her line of work secret from her family, but that ended when a stalker outed her to them.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Jez, who lives in Belfast, said: “I had a really bad stalker experience that went on for over two years, and I was outed against my will to my family, which is very, very common for women in sex work, because of the stigma.

“You can end up in positions where it's the ultimate ammunition.

"You get some some psychopath, or someone who gets obsessed with you, and they stalk you, and then they receive rejection and want to murder you, or just out to you, which is probably for a woman worse than being murdered.

“When you're from somewhere like Ireland with a super religious Christian fundamentalist family, which mine was, being outed to them is an ultimate form of an act of violence.

“That choice was taken from me.”

'I refuse to be shamed'

However, Jez took back control with her response to the outing, and went public in her own way – especially on social media.

And it's her way of fighting against the stigma people in her line of work often face.

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“I felt like, because of the stigma and the shaming around it, which is what enables abusers, I had to take back control.

“For me, taking the power back was to just out myself, so I set a Twitter account and I wanted to show that I refuse to be shamed.

“That fear makes us vulnerable, and It makes us open to being blackmailed and intimidated.

“I put myself out there, I made it really obvious that I was connected to a network of people of other sex workers, and I was seeing speaking to journalists – I think that's very empowering.”

Building her £100k sex empire

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The bad experience, and subsequent taking back the control, has seen business boom for Jez.

Her Only Fans and Twitter combined saw her followers and fans sky rocket – especially during the pandemic – to the point where she's making around £100,000 per year from some, erm, interesting requests.

She does admit that she was one of the “lucky ones” who made a success of the pandemic, although was quick to point out that all she did was “get my boobs out”, and that others had it “really really rough”.

And as night follows day, popularity in the online world often leads to very strange requests from fans who want to pay to see weird things happen.

Slightly strange requests

“People are obsessed with my bumhole,” she laughed.

“I get a lot of stuff relating to that, you know, shoving things up there.

“I think this the stigma of bum holes should be addressed.

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“I have a really fun video where I play with popping Maltesers up there, and when you rewind it it's a really funny visual.”

For that, Jez was paid around £50 – easy money.

She was also paid by someone to sit in a bathtub full of wallpaper paste, which pocketed her a few hundred quid.

But there is a line she will not cross, when it comes to fan requests, regardless of how much someone is willing to pay.

She explained: “There have been people that have asked me to give racist abuse.

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“People love shame and humiliation, and there's obviously a connection there, but if someone saw me racially abusing someone, I would die before that would happen.

“It's not something I could do anyway – I couldn't say the words.

“I can humiliate your penis, but there's some deep psychological generational trauma that you want to get out of your system… and racial abuse I won't do.”

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