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    A woman who claims she is Madeleine McCann has now become victim of fake social media accounts being set up pretending to be her.

    Julia Wendell, who is currently in the US after spending life in Poland, originally made her claims on social media but has since deleted all her accounts.

    However, her lack of activity on social media has led to fake accounts being made in her name.

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    Dr Fia Johansson, a private investigator and medium who is helping Julia, took to her personal Instagram to hit out and warn followers of the fake profiles.

    She said: “Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts, any social media platform accounts using Julia Wendell’s name, none of them belong to Julia.

    “Julia deleted and also deactivated all her social media platforms. So please if someone is pretending to be Julia, please report that account immediately.”

    Julia has made headlines all over the world after going public with her claims that she is Madeleine, who went missing during a family holiday to Portugal in 2007.

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    Dr Johansson is helping Julia find out her true identity and says they are awaiting DNA test results.

    Julia has recently had her first high profile interview with legendary US host Dr Phil.

    Although the interview has been recorded, the footage will be broadcast during the episode on Monday, March 27.

    Speaking about the news, Dr Johansson said: “I’m very happy for Julia getting a platform to courageously speak up, shedding light on her violent and abusive past and hopefully bringing her closer to justice!”

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    In a preview clip of the show, Julia says: "I believe that I am Madeleine McCann. We are waiting for results."

    While the world awaits the interview and DNA results, Julia revealed to RadarOnline that she claims to know Kate McCann’s voice.

    She said: “I want to say something to Kate McCann: I listened to a song that you sang to your daughter Madeleine.

    "When I hear your voice – from movies, from interviews – I feel like I really know this voice, your voice. I really believe that I could be Madeleine."

    Julia claims to have very few memories of her childhood, and Dr Johansson says even if results show she is not Madeleine, she will continue to help her.

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