The 'world's most expensive house' features 20 bedrooms, a running track, four bowling alleys, a nightclub and two wine cellars.

The sprawling mansion, originally priced at an eye-watering $500 million (£362 million), is called 'The One' by the man who built the luxury pad, US real estate developer and film producer Nile Niami.

British YouTube personality Producer Michael was allowed inside to give the world its first view of what is considered the most expensive house in the modern world.

Situated in Bel Air, Los Angeles, the property covers a whopping 105,000 square feet. It also includes a moat, pool table lounge, 30 bathrooms, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and five more smaller pools.

The nightclub itself is 7,000 square feet and includes a side entrance opening out onto the street, allowing guests to avoid the main house.

Niami said: "I picked out every single thing in this house, every paint colour, every stone, every tile, all of the furniture."

When asked how he felt when the huge project was almost completed, he said: "F***ing exhausting. Real, really, the most exhausting you could every imagine."

Speaking previously about the property and its huge price, Niami said: "When you have something that's as rare as the Mona Lisa, you can command whatever you want for it.

"When the house was started, I had to basis to ask $500 million – now there are so many triple-digit sales in LA and the world that the asking price is not unreasonable anymore."

Despite the claims of Niami, it is believed that the price of the property has dropped with some estimates suggesting it is now worth around $350 million (£253 million).

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In order to build the property, he took out $82.5 million (£60 million) – now closer to $110 million (£80 million) – from Hankey Capital, a private lender specialising in bridge financing.

It comes after another famous and expensive property in Los Angeles hit the market at a heavily discounted price.

The Hearst estate in Beverly Hills – a mansion with links to John. F Kennedy which featured in The Godfather films – has been relisted for $89.75 million (£65 million).

A bankruptcy court is forcing the sale through.

The home's longtime owner, attorney Leonard Ross, once tried to sell the property for as much as $195 million (£141 million).

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