An Airbnb guest was horrified by the stinky van they had to stay in after being 'conned' by a van life host.

The influencer was left 'anxious' when he arrived at what he thought was going to be a glamping experience in a 'spacious camper Van in NYC,' but discovered it was nothing but a 'smelly and awful' old van.

Police have now seized seven illegally documented vans that were being hired out for two years as Airbnb rentals to unsuspecting influencers and people wanting a piece of the 'van life' craze.

Cops discovered that the seven vans lining the streets of New York all had expired registration and NJ plates, with some going back as far as 2000, authorities said.

A series of since removed advertisements on the app described the van as a unique and comfortable way to experience the Big Apple.

Uptin Saiidi, a California-based journalist and video creator, stayed in one of the seized vans and was horrified with what he found.

The creator had been promised a room with a view and the chance to live the 'Van life' for just $97 (just under £75), New York Post reports.

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But when he arrived, he found that the key didn't start the engine and the van had already received a parking ticket.

“The worst thing was the anxiety of where to pee when you gotta go," he added.

Saiidi said he had an "awful" time in the "smelly" van and was not able to sleep due to people "literally outside walking and talking".

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All seven of the vans were impounded on Thursday and Friday, authorities said.

The police department said they were able to remove the vehicles from the street because they were "mismatched and expired registrations".

The mysterious Airbnb account that listed the vans goes under the name of "Nancy" and has been granted a verified checkmark by the company.

In her profile on the app, Nancy writes: "Love to travel and explore the world. I’m a fan of tiny and unique homes. Hoping to share a part of van life experience with all travelers!

"I have lived in NYC all my life so I can recommend you the best places to see, eat and go!”

It is not currently clear if Nancy owns all of the vans.

An investigation is ongoing.

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