A man falsely convicted of murdering a seven-year-old girl has revealed he feels "nauseous" when left alone with police.

George Heron, 56, was charged over the death of Nikki Allan back in 1992 but was later acquitted after ham-fisted tactics from interrogating officers led to a false confession.

Mr Heron had "confessed" after denying the murder of the seven-year-old, who was found dead in a warehouse with 37 stab wounds, a total of 120 times before cracking under police pressure.

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David Boyd, 55, has since been charged with the murder and received a life imprisonment sentence for the grim killing of Nikki, who was beaten with a brick before being stabbed.

Both Boyd and the acquitted Mr Heron were neighbours of Nikki's mum, Sharon Henderson, at the time of the brutal attack which saw Nikki coaxed to a warehouse and murdered.

Sharon and George received individual apologies from Northumbria Police, but the falsely convicted 56-year-old has recalled the mental damage the allegations caused.

Mr Heron says he "lost what little honour and property" he had due to the false accusations, Metro reported.

He said: "I have had to read and hear (both online and offline) malicious lies being spread about me and my family some of whom are now deceased and whose funerals I didn't get a chance to attend".

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Learning how to "adapt on my own" as he felt he could not trust medical professionals, George was left feeling nauseous when left alone with police officers.

He added: "Moving around several times and trying to rebuild what is left of my life hasn't been easy learning to trust anyone is difficult and I haven't even felt that I could trust in any professional to get help.

"Trusting the police has taken a long time they still make me nervous to the point of feeling nauseous if I am alone with them.

"I survive because I have to – like everyone else, I would like answers as to why it took so long to find out the truth."

George made it clear he wishes no blame to be placed on currently serving members of the force, and concluded the murder had "destroyed so many people's lives", including his own.

He added: "I could be angry about being unfairly treated from day one, but this isn't about me – it is about getting the real truth out into the open, so her family (and what is left of mine) can have some closure and finally try to move on."

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