President Joe Biden’s son allegedly used the n-word in a series of bizarre, lewd conversations with his white lawyer, according to newly published text messages.

The messages, which appear to be between Hunter Biden and corporate lawyer George Mesires, sent in late 2018 and early 2019, were obtained from an abandoned laptop and published by The Daily Mail this week.

In one exchange in December 2018, Hunter Biden asked Mesires how much money he owed him, adding “because n**** you better not be charging me Hennessy rates”.

“That made me snarf my coffee,” Mesires replied.

“I just made that phrase up by the way,” Biden continued. “I should have (had) your lineage.”

Mesires said: “Apparently you do.”

Biden wrote back: “That’s what I’m saying n****”

He then sent the lawyer a photo.

“Why are you so tan?” asked Mesires.

“I’m sorry for sexting you accidentally that was meant for another friend named Georgia,” Biden wrote.

The following month, during an apparently more serious, philosophical conversation about “unconditional love”, Biden again referred to the Chicago lawyer as “n****” after Mesires told him that “God loves unconditionally”.

“OMG n****,” Biden replied, before continuing in a rambling message.

“Did you just a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened and my dead brothers unconditional love is what I should rely on and my kids aren’t children George.”

The lawyer appeared to ignore the message, writing, “My parents love was conditioned.”

Biden replied: “My penis’ as of late has been unconditional.”

“That’s why we are searching,” Mesires wrote.

“For my penis,” Biden said.

“And we will always be searching,” the lawyer continued.

“It’s a big penis George,” Biden wrote. “They always find it.”

He added: “And I only love you because you’re black.”

Mesires replied: “It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity.”

“True dat n****,” Biden replied. “But I’m done my rant.”

According to The Daily Mail, among the photos stored on Hunter Biden’s laptop was a meme of Joe Biden hugging Barack Obama, with a caption describing a joke conversation between the former President and Vice President.

“Obama: Gonna miss you, man,” the text reads.

“Joe: Can I say it? Just this once?

“Obama: *sigh* Go ahead.

“Joe: You my n****, Barack.”

According to the publication, an October 2018 invoice sent by Mesires to one of Hunter Biden’s business partners showed the lawyer’s hourly rate of US$845 ($1178).

The bill, which included “teleconferences with H Biden” regarding his Chinese joint-venture Hudson West, came to US$88,465 ($123,416) for 107 hours’ work between August 2017 and April 2018.

The release of the embarrassing messages comes a week after Hunter Biden’s father, President Joe Biden, who has made racial justice a key priority for his administration, gave a speech in Oklahoma decrying racism to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre.

In April, Hunter Biden went on a media tour to promote his memoir Beautiful Things, in which the 51-year-old opened up about his struggles with drug addiction.

Asked during a CBS interview whether the infamous laptop was in fact his, Hunter claimed ignorance due to his addled memory.

“For real, I don’t know,” he said.

“I really don’t know what the answer is … I don’t have any idea.”

But he admitted it could be his. “Of course, certainly,” he said.

“There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the – that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

In another CBS interview, he explained that if people read his book they would “realise that I wasn’t keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four-year period of time”.

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