The remains of what is thought to have belonged to the biggest dinosaur in Europe have been discovered in someone's back garden.

It comes after the homeowner began to stumble across fragments of fossilised bone by his home located in the city of Pombal, Portugal.

He alerted researchers from the University of Lisbon who embarked on evacuation work in the garden in 2017.

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Spanish and Portuguese palaeontologists started to unearth the vertebrae and ribs earlier this month.

Scientists suspect the creature to be brachiosaurid sauropod, reports The Guardian.

Sauropods were the largest of all dinosaurs and the biggest land animals to have ever existed.

Researchers have estimated that the dinosaur was 12 metres high and 25 metres long, based on the size of the bones.

They are hopeful that another excavation can be launched to uncover further parts of the back garden dinosaur.

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Post-doctoral researcher Elisabete Malafaia told website “It is not usual to find all the ribs of an animal like this, let alone in this position, maintaining their original anatomical position.

“[This discovery] confirms that the region of Pombal has an important fossil record of Late Jurassic vertebrates, which in the last decades has provided the discovery of abundant materials very significant for the knowledge of the continental faunas that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula at about 145m years ago."

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