A massive 12ft alligator casually strolled through a neighbourhood, shocking locals as it positioned itself on their doorsteps.

The giant reptile was seen creeping underneath a car before authorities were alerted to the scene in Texas.

Cops rushed down to the area and located the alligator before they took pictures with it to post online.

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Constable Mark Herman of Harris County Constable Precinct shared the images on Facebook and said: "See you later, alligator!"

In the photos, duct tape could be seen wrapped around its deadly jaws as officers posed around it.

The creatures tend to measure between six to 14 feet long, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD).

They are usually found by water including swamps, rivers and marshes and are usually located in the South.

The TPWD website read: "American alligators normally avoid humans, but American alligators can become perceived as a nuisance when they establish territories around people.

"As human populations in Texas continue to expand, there have been an increased number of encounters between people and alligators.

"Alligators have been known to prey on pets and must be treated with caution.

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"Alligators can be surprisingly quick on land and are capable of running quickly over short distances."

The post stated: "This morning, deputies with Constable Mark Herman's Office responded to the 13800 block of N Lake Branch Lane in the Waters Edge subdivision in Atascocita in reference to a 12 foot alligator in the middle of the road.

"The alligator has been safely captured and in Animal Control's possession."

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