A Biblical mouse plague is storming Australia with people even being bitten as they sleep in bed.

In some cases, there are so many rodents scurrying about that the floor 'vanishes' beneath them, as they continue to cause havoc across the south western parts of the country.

The 'rodent army' appears to be marching on to Sydney as tens of millions spark horrific infestations across 1,000km in between Brisbane and Melbourne.

Farmers have complained of the creatures getting into their crops supply and one managed to record the moment mice were 'falling from the sky' when they cleared a silo.

The damage is hard to comprehend, with one mum-of-three losing her home and all of her belongings after the furry creatures chewed through wiring and started a fire.

Her family is now homeless after their property was engulfed in flames, luckily nobody was hurt at the time of the fire.

The mice have invaded schools, homes, and hospitals as they thrive in the unsettled weather.

Heavy rain and hot spells led to a bumper harvest and caused their numbers to grow.

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Others tell terrifying stories of being bitten as they slept.

“People are putting the legs of their beds in buckets or pots of water, but the mice are still climbing curtains, jumping onto their beds and biting them," Xavier Martin, a grain farmer from New South Wales told The Telegraph.

A MouseAlert website, funded by the government, shows sightings have doubled since March, as cases surge in and around Sydney.

It's believed the mice could be 'marching' to the large city and reach their destination by August.

Experts are warning that the plague could last two years "without a concerted baiting effort in the next few weeks."

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions said: "Grain growing areas suffer damage to crops and to stored grain; rural businesses suffer damage from mice chewing stock and electrical wires."

It added: "Rural communities experience high levels of stress through the constant presence of mice. "

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The New South Wales government has secured 5000 litres of rodent poison, bromadiolone, and is offering to provide it for free once it receives approval from federal authorities.

Although some farmers are concerned it may have an effect on livestock.

Environmentalists have warned the toxin will likely kill animals that prey on the mice, like snakes, owls and eagles.

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