Moment lorry rolls down slope in Bogotá, Columbia

Eight young school children have been injured after a lorry rolled down a hill into a school in Colombia’s capital, Bogotá. Two children, who are cousins, have been rushed to hospital, as well as a nine-year-old girl who remains in critical condition. According to video footage taken by a security camera, which captured the horrific moment, the lorry appeared to have run out of power while driving uphill and then rolled backwards crashing into buildings on each side of the road.

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Colombian news outlet, Noticias Caracol, obtained reports from eyewitnesses and the mother of the injured nine-year-old. Julieth Mora said: “We were heading towards the house when a lorry drove up and then started to wobble, we all started to run, but it was going down too fast and it hit my daughter.”

Ms Mora also said the driver was taken to the same hospital where her daughter was being treated. She stated her concern that the hospital was “quite far” from where the incident took place and there were other clinics nearby that had a suitable paediatric ward.

She added: “Doctors say that the situation is quite critical because the impact she suffered was very hard, they have done everything they possibly can.”

The young girl is currently awaiting a transfer to a paediatrics department for further treatment. The child’s cousin, also in hospital, is suffering from a fractured wrist, scraped arm, and stomach.

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The incident occurred earlier in the week at around 2pm in the afternoon when children had finished school and were leaving to go home. Eyewitnesses say people were running in all different directions to escape the out-of-control lorry which had apparently lost control of its breaks.

Local traffic police are investigating the incident to determine the causes and those responsible for the accident in the south of Bogotá. Traffic accidents are a major problem in Bogotá, affecting the city and its inhabitants. There has long been talk of taking measures to prevent them and improve road safety in the city.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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