A McDonald's customer was traumatised when she heard a crunch while eating a McFlurry – only to find what she claimed to be a "cockroach" in her ice cream.

Alexa Carcione, from US, said she will never visit the fast food giant again after the horrifying experience on Tuesday (July 6).

Posting on TikTok, she says: "When you are enjoying your Oreo McFlurry and then feel a sudden crunch…and surprise, it's a cockroach!"

She showed her dessert to viewers before revealing a towel with a black splotch on it – which what she claims to be the remains of a cockroach inside.

"I spit that out the second I knew I knew something wasn't right," Alexa added.

"Don't eat McDonald's unless you enjoy cockroaches!"

The woman complained to the San Diego State University branch and was told by the restaurant managers "thanks for letting me know".

Alexa described the toe-curling moment that she knew she was not crunching on Oreos.

She said: "It was like eating a gusher…pop. Felt like I was chewing on a shrimp shell.

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"They didn't even offer me a refund or apologise, I called corporate the next morning."

Many viewers were shocked and said they were put off eating at McDonald's after.

One commented: "This was enough to convince me to never order this again."

Another said: "Girl, I cannot imagine! New fear unlocked."

"I don't even blame you spitting in on your blanket," a third wrote.

Another suggested that it could happen if the machines were not properly cleaned.

It comes after a Macca’s fan divided the internet with their “vegan” burger hack.

Meanwhile, one store of the fast food chain closed as all its workers quit midway through shift with a blunt note.

Daily Star has contacted McDonald's US for comment.

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