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A man was left naked on a public beach after his sister gifted him dissolvable trunks as part of a prank.

Dara Roberts, from the US state of Tennessee, posted the footage of the joke she played on her brother Seth on TikTok, where it has been viewed a whopping 29 million times.

The clip starts with Seth wearing the bright blue swimming trunks, which she tells him she found “new at a goodwill”.

Seth has no idea that the trunks will start to dissolve as soon as they get wet and he runs into the sea alongside his brothers.

Footage shows Seth throwing around an American football in the waist-deep water before he realises that his swimsuit is melting away.

“My swimming trunks ripped… bad,” he says in a panic, as he clutches his private parts underwater.

Dara continues to record him and is heard bursting into laughter at her brother’s sudden despair, at which Seth gets angry and says: “Quit videoing me. I’m serious. I’m naked!”

He refuses to get out of the water until family members fetch him a new pair of trunks from the hotel room, insisting that he cannot be seen nude in public, with them suggesting that a towel would do just fine.

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The clip then cuts out, so it’s unclear whether Seth was forced onto the shore while naked.

Dara captioned the viral video as: “We still haven’t told him the truth. Seth, if you see this. I’m sorry.”

However, not all TikTok viewers saw the funny side and took to the comments section to slam the sister’s sinister prank.

One wrote: “Funny in a backyard pool, but not in a PUBLIC place with your sibling.

Another added: “This is more embarrassing than funny. He sounded genuinely upset.”

Others described the clip as “humiliating,” “traumatising,” “sick” and “illegal”.

However, Dara brushed off the criticism, subsequently posting a second video where she lashed out at the haters.

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