The mystery of the baby in the attic has been solved.

Horowhenua Chronicle ran a story last week appealing for any information about a baby photo that was found in the attic of a Levin home that was up for sale – 6 Charles St.

First National Real Estate agent Grant Robertson had, conscientiously, made a public appeal so the photo might be returned to its rightful owner, realising it could have sentimental value.

Robertson was contacted a few days later by a member of the baby’s immediate family.

Len Wallace, the oldest of the five siblings, still lives locally and recognised the photo of his little sister as soon as he saw it.

“That’s my little sister Debra,” he said.

“I gave her a ring, she lives in Cairns, and I said to her you have a look at this.”

“She laughed. She said ‘oh, it’s me’. She’s coming over in October, so I’ll look after it now until she gets back.”

Horowhenua Chronicle tracked down Debra Janssen this morning. Now aged 59, she was blown away that someone would take the time to find and return the photo to her.

“It was such a kind gesture for a complete stranger to want to reunite such a personal and nostalgic item to its owner, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

“Honestly, my heartfelt thanks. It is amazing, especially in this day and age, that someone would take the time to do this.”

“It might seem like a little thing, but it is so important because these things are valuable to people. It really touches people.”

“Especially with all that’s going on in the world at the moment…only in a small town like Levin aye. God bless Levin. But small communities are like that.”

“Having only visited my home town of Levin spasmodically over the years it was a wonderful moment to remember the things I miss about small communities.”

“Despite these years abroad we still rush to buy Jelly Tip chocolate, consume lolly cake by the truck load… and will only stay up late to watch the All Blacks play.”

Meanwhile, Len Wallace said he took full responsibility for the missing photo.

“It was me that left the photo there. I’m the guilty one. I had stored stuff away in the attic for my parents but obviously left it behind when we moved,” he said.

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