These are some of the OnlyFans stars who have made a fortune during lockdown.

While the subscription service for fans provided a lucrative new channel for some models’ existing business, for others it proved to be a lifesaver after lockdown killed their jobs.

One of those whose fortunes were given a boost by OnlyFans was Grace Taylor.

Disaster struck for her at the start of the pandemic when she was let go from her job as a telecoms manager.

But now the 28-year-old from East Sussex, who also nearly lost her house, has seen her fortunes improve no end.

She had seen an advert in early 2020 for a company looking to recruit "webcam models", and signed up.

When she lost her telecoms job, she got back in contact with that company and started her OnlyFans page.

She posts nude pictures of herself for her hundreds of subscribers, who each pay a £7 monthly subscription.

From her webcam modelling work and her OnlyFans, she now earns more than £10k a month, and she recently bought a £60,000 Jaguar F-Type.

A&E nurse Nicola Willoughby says she turned to adult sites when her nursing shifts were cut during the pandemic.

"I’ve been working in healthcare for 20 years. While coronavirus was at its peak our shifts were reduced to stop there being too many people in the department," said the mum-of-four.

"It was such a depressing time, with everything that was going on.

"I decided to sign up to some sites initially for the fun of it and as an escape."

Nicola, from Lincoln, earned £4,500 in her first month – more than double her nurse’s salary.

She said: "I keep it extremely tasteful. I post pictures or short video clips in swimwear, bikinis, or gym wear.

"I know some girls go totally nude, but I don’t – and I still do well.

"It’s a legitimate way to make money during a tough time. And it has been a huge help financially."

New York model Marcela Alonso, 41, has turned to so-called "vampire facials" to maintain her looks – and she can afford to pay for the expensive treatment thanks to her OnlyFans income.

The treatment, which is popular with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, involves extracting blood from the arm and using a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells before it is applied to the face using a Dermapen or through microneedling.

Marcela can pay for it because she rakes in nearly £15,000 a month through her OnlyFans account.

Bar manager Catherine Todd is another one toasting OnlyFans, and she says it was “a godsend” after she faced serious financial hardship when lockdown kicked in.

The single mum had been earning £1,800 a month as a self-employed worker but found herself no income when the bar she managed had to close.

She said: "I totally fell through the gap. It was horrendous. It meant I was entitled to nothing – I couldn’t get help from the government and couldn’t be furloughed.

"I was offered £73 a month universal credit but that wouldn’t even cover my rent, never mind gas, electricity, and feeding my kids, who are seven and 13."

But after signing up to sites including OnlyFans and Fanzworld, she made £3,000 in the first month.

"Without that work, I would have lost everything," she said.

With the airline industry particularly badly hit during the pandemic, some cabin crew have been turning to OnlyFans to make extra cash while they struggled for money.

One unknown cabin crew member with an OnlyFans account charges £10 a month to subscribe, and wrote on her first upload: "Hello everyone! Feel free to DM for anything on your mind, and 'welcome onboard'."

Another account seems to belong to an EasyJet air hostess, with the airline’s logo appearing in many of her photos, and she charges £6.50 a month to subscribe.

British Airways staff have also signed up to OnlyFans. One calls herself "Cabin Crew Goddess" and posts regular pictures of her legs in uniform, charging her fans £15 a month.

Meanwhile, Man City star Riyad Mahrez's estranged wife is selling intimate snaps of herself on OnlyFans.

A promo video for 29-year-old Rita Johal shows her posing for intimate selfies before asking any fans to subscribe for "exclusive content", costing £8 a month.

"I'll be posting exclusive content I won't be posing anywhere else – my music, pictures, videos, all of that exciting stuff," she says.

Claudia Fijal, 32, from Poland, used to survive on noodles, but now she is raking in six figures thanks to OnlyFans.

The former Playboy model, who moved to the US when she was five, has gone from surviving on "ramen pots" to buying her first Porsche.

She became a full-time model in LA when she was 18 but lived hand-to-mouth and was forced to crash on a friend’s floor.

“There were lots of times when I could only afford to buy ramen noodles or Poptarts to eat and had to choose between the two,” she said.

She quit her job in 2014 and moved to Chicago to help run her new husband’s gym.

But when coronavirus hit, Claudia turned her focus to OnlyFans, which she originally started back in 2017.

Things are now going so well for her that last year she earned six figures and bought a Porsche, and she now lives in a luxury home in Las Vegas.

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