BBC Weather: Temperature red warnings as heat spike reaches near 50C

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Britain could be hit with a searing heatwave towards the end of this month with the latest weather charts suggesting “blowtorch” conditions on the way. And an alternative weather map, by The Weather Outlook, suggests conditions could even peak at above 30C later this month. Brain Gaze, a forecaster at The Weather Outlook, posted a weather map on Twitter indicating hot weather could soon move in as it appeared to sweep across the English Channel from Europe on Sunday, August 22, into Monday, August 23.

Alongside the ECM 12z chart, which shows layers of red colours covering Britain, Mr Gaze wrote: “ECM 12z also bringing the blowtorch in during the last week of August. 20C 850s into the south. Could be wrong but I suspect that would be hotter than any air mass visiting the UK in the 1980s.”

Asked what this could mean if this weather model came true, Mr Gaze told one user on social media: “At that range forecast accuracy is VERY low so don’t take it at face value. But if that pattern develops we could expect it to turn hot.”

In an alternative weather chart, Mr Gaze posted a model which suggested heat could bake Britain on August 26.

In the 2m max temperature chart, London appears to hit highs of 31C with warm air seen across the country.

And Mr Gaze suggested this could be possible if the UK tapped into warm European air.

Mr Gaze added: “Probability forecasts still show a warming trend during the last third of August. Jam tomorrow? We’ll see!

“GFS op run one of several hot runs & shows temps > 30C. If we do tap the bottled heat in southern Spain who knows what could happen late August?”

It comes as the Met Office has suggested heat of up to 25C could hit Britain this weekend.

Nicola Maxey, said: “We’re looking at a fairly benign weather going forward through the weekend with plenty of clouds around but some sunny spells as well.

“Temperatures for the southeast are probably going to reach 20C, 23C to 24C but some isolated spots could get a good spell of sunshine and may see around 25C potentially on Saturday.

“But Sunday may be a little bit cooler and then cooler again as we head into the start of next week.

“In terms of the rest of the UK it’s a fairly similar picture really but plenty of dry weather around particularly for the South and Southeast.”

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Meanwhile, parts of Europe are currently baking in one of its hottest heatwaves on record.

The Met Office said that Italy experienced temperatures of 48.8C earlier this week in Syracuse.

If the readings get approved, they will beat the previous European record registered in Greece over 40 years ago.

The Met Office said on Wednesday: “Today has provisionally seen the highest temperature ever recorded in Italy.

“SIAS (Sicily’s Agrometeorological Information System) have confirmed that Siracusa in Sicily reached 48.8C earlier this afternoon and if verified by the World Meteorological Organization it will become a new European temperature record.”

The scorching temperatures have also led to devastating wildfires across the continent.

And BBC Weather forecaster Helen Willetts warned of more record-breaking temperatures across Europe.

She noted that Sicily will see some of the hottest temperatures after heat spiked to 48C on Wednesday.

Over the weekend, Spain will also have red warnings in place for the extreme temperatures.

Parts of far east Europe will see some heavy rain and potential flooding as well.

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