Every song has a story,  and Shaun Johnston, who stars in the Canadian TV show Heartland, is revealing the tale behind the music for a good cause.

“It’s a personal initiative, it’s not a Heartland initiative. This is something that I wanted to do,” said Johnston.

Known for his role as Grandpa Jack, Johnston is recording and releasing the story behind songs that he has written for the Canadian TV show that has been on air since 2007.

In this endeavour, he hopes that he will be able to do some good and raise funds for Habitat For Humanity Okanagan.

“I think that one of the legacies that Habitat for Humanity has is they can look back at what they have accomplished. They can actually see the lives being bettered of the people who are living in the accommodation that they build,” he said.

“The people we serve are the people who are working but just can’t afford to make that leap into homeownership into a rental situation and quite often those rental situations aren’t good for those families,” said Andrea Manifold, Habitat for Humanity Okanagan C.E.O.

The funds that Johnston is able to raise from the release of The Book of Shaun: A Story Behind His Heartland Music will be poured into a 20-home project in Lake Country, B.C. that Habitat for Humanity expects to begin later this year.

“This is just another example of how our community gets behind Habitat,” said Manifold.

To purchase the first episode of The Book of Shaun visit www.shaunjohnston.ca 

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