This is the heart-pounding moment a gigantic shark lunged at a jet skier and left a chunk out of the vehicle.

Rick Manning, from Brisbane, Australia, was halfway around North Stradbroke Island on June 12 when he spotted a bait ball in the shallow waters and decided to check it out.

The 36-year-old said he was soon joined by a huge apex predator, believed to be a tiger shark, which was the same length as his 10ft long jet ski.

In the heart-stopping drone footage he posted on Instagram, Rick is seen repeatedly "annoying" the shark as he follows the beast at a close distance.

When he turns away from the shark, it lunges out of the water and sinks its teeth into the side of the jet ski, visibly shunting the almost 300kg machine and causing damage to the vehicle.

Rick, who has now learned his lesson, admits he got "too close" to the shark and "won't make the same mistake again".

He said: "I clearly annoyed the shark. It's not like he hunted me down and went for me. It's not the shark's fault, it's my fault.

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  • "I'd been checking the shark out for a little bit, and it did the same to me. I guess it just got sick of me being around and decided to go for me.

    "I was lucky it hit the side of it. It really caught the jet ski good. I'm happy it wasn't me who copped the bite.

    "I realised quickly I'd made a mistake here. When you see footage on TV of a shark's teeth coming out of its gums, that's exactly what I saw coming at me.

    "A second before the shark lunged it turned and I just thought 'oh no, I shouldn't have been this close'.

    "I've definitely learned my lesson. I won't be getting that close to a shark ever again.

    Rick had been riding around the island hoping to catch a glimpse of the humpback whales that usually inhabit the waters around this time of year.

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    While some commenters called Rick's footage "amazing" others said it was "no wonder he [the shark] tried to attack you".

    Another wrote: "Amazing footage. He was clearly not impressed."

    One commenter simply said: "Woah that's scary!"

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