A fit and healthy man has died from coronavirus just days after going on a stag do.

Tim Galley, 47, from Wrexham, North Wales, was self-isolating after falling ill on Sunday.

His devastated girlfriend Donna Cuthbert was forced to stay away as his messages become less and less frequent.

The M&S Bank worker, who had no underlying health conditions, stayed off work on Monday after developing a small tickle in his throat following a stag do on Saturday.

He started to develop a fever, and on Tuesday, his body was discovered at his flat.

Donna, 46, said she had been unable to see him because he followed government advice to self-isolate.

His body had to be taken away by paramedics in protective clothing.

Donna told NorthWalesLive: "Of course I was very worried when he developed the fever, as I was worried about the coronavirus.

"But as he wanted to protect me I couldn't go and visit him."

The wedding business owner – who had been dating Tim for four years – went on: "As he was getting steadily worse I asked him to phone for an ambulance but he kept on saying to me that he was fine, that he had no underlying health conditions and that they would be too busy dealing with other people."

On Monday night, she messaged him to say she was worried she wouldn't see him for a couple of weeks because they both had to self-isolate.

He replied: "Don't be silly, of course you will."

Donna said Tim didn't return any of her calls after that.

She added: "On Tuesday morning I was panicking as Tim didn't return my calls. I asked his neighbour to check on him as they had a key. They found him in bed.

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"Paramedics in protective clothing came, and I just can't bear the thought he was all alone."

She said Tim loved her children, and that they were due to go to her daughter Danielle's wedding which had been cancelled because of coronavirus.

Begging people to stay home and stay safe, Donna added: "Tim took all the precautions but still this virus got him, my heart is shattered into tiny pieces."

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