The Hamilton rock group Arkells are doing their part to keep people busy during this time of self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The popular Canadian band, which got its start in Hamilton, Ont., in 2006, is teaching music live, on Instagram.

The “flatten the curve” music classes take place each day at 1 p.m.

Lead-singer Max Kerman says it’s about “banding together” during what is a tough time for a lot of people, adding, “a lot of friends of mine had tours planned and those have been postponed or cancelled.”

He’s also thinking about those in the service industry including “friends that are working at coffee shops, waiters, waitresses, and they’re out of work right now.”

The daily “flatten the curve” sessions are live online for 24 hours and are then archived.

So far, Kerman says he’s had viewers from Italy, the United Kingdom, New York City and across Canada.

He acknowledges the positive impact the sessions have, but admits the idea originated from a selfish place.

“I was going to be at home a lot more, I wanted to figure out a way to connect with people.”

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