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A son who had to say his last goodbye to his dying dad via video call has slammed "insulting" covid conspiracy theorists.

Jamie Mawson could not be with his dad Richard as he died of coronavirus due to the strict restrictions in place at the height of the pandemic in April.

Jamie and his widowed mother have become increasingly disgusted with wild and crazy conspiracy theorists claiming the virus does not exist, the Echo reports.

His mum is angry and upset that the conspiracy theories appear to be growing, as people suggest -without any evidence to back it up – that the pandemic is a hoax or that the virus is not actually as dangerous as is being suggested.

The family were horrified at scenes from a 'Unite for Freedom' protest in Trafalgar Square at the weekend, where many of these dangerous theories were broadcast.

Jamie said he became even more angry at comments from Piers Corbyn, one of the leaders of the protest, on Good Morning Britain this week, in which he tried to argue that the virus isn't real.

Jamie said: "It makes me so angry and upset – it should have been my mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary recently, but he isn't hear because of Covid-19.

"It is a complete insult to our family and the thousands of others that are suffering like us to hear people claiming this isn't real.

"We had to say goodbye to my dad over a video call, we couldn't even be with him – trust me this is no hoax.

"I spoke to mum after she saw what Piers Corbyn was saying on the telly, she was crying, disgusted – why do people with no medical training think they can say these things?"

Jamie said he is also deeply concerned that people are no longer taking the virus seriously and are not following guidance around social distancing.

He said: "The last thing we want is to end up in a similar situation to earlier in the year when my dad and so many others died.

"I don't want any other families to have to suffer in the way we are, so it makes me really upset to see all these crowds gathering and taking no notice of the safety guidance.

"Believe me, you don't want to be where we are ."

The family, from Kirkdale in Liverpool, believe Richard, 70, picked up covid-19 as he went to watch his beloved Reds play in a controversial Champions League match with Atletico Madrid at Anfield on March 11.

Serious questions have been asked about why the match was allowed to go ahead and why nearly 3,000 Spanish fans were able to travel into the UK and Liverpool from their home country which was suffering from an acute outbreak.

Richard was fit and healthy before he contracted the virus, but after falling ill his wife of 50 years Mary, had to watch him be rushed into an ambulance that she was not allowed to join him in – it was the last time she would see him in the flesh.

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