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A great white shark has been filmed chowing down on a whale by a group of amazed tourists.

The incredible moment was shared to Facebook by whale watching company Captain John Boats, based in Massachusetts, US.

It shows the apex predator gnawing at the carcass of the dead creature, which appears to be a humpback whale, off Cape Cod.

The shark thrashes around in the water as it tries to pull the flesh from the whale’s body.

According to the company that filmed the video, a second shark also turned up and both were “enormous”.

"This afternoon was a trip for the record books,” they wrote. “We started off our trip by taking a look at a whale who was unfortunately deceased.

"While we were there two enormous white sharks came to feast.

"We stood by while the research team collected video of these two doing what sharks do best.'

Since being shared to Facebook, hundreds of people have seen the clip, including some who were on the boat at the time and said it was one of the most “amazing” experiences they had ever had.

The larger of the two sharks was thought to be a humungous 18ft long, although it is not clear if that is the one caught on camera.

Captain John Goggin, who led the excursion, told The Boston Herald: “It was the first time I had ever seen this happen.

“People on board were pretty excited. There was a lot of yelling, ‘Oh my God! Wow!'”

Shark researcher John Chisholm said the creatures were “enormous”, adding: “One of the hardest things to communicate to people is how massive white sharks can be.

“Until you see one in person, it’s hard to appreciate the girth which may be more impressive than length.”

While the sight is jaw-dropping, experts have warned anyone who spots a dead whale carcass to keep you distance – whether at sea or on land.

The Center for Coastal Studies said: “Conditions can be more dangerous than they appear, especially if predators are in the area, and touching marine mammals is prohibited by law, even after death.”

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