A grandmother found her home raided by a SWAT team searching for a carjacker after a false alert was sent out on an iPhone's "Find My iPhone" app.

Ruby Johnson, 77, was left "frightened and confused" as a SWAT team began a search of her home, breaking her door, smashing sentimental items and rifling through her belongings.

Police had been investigating a nearby carjacking, with an alleged white truck holding thousands in cash, six firearms, two drones and a military rifle inside.

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Inside of said truck was also an iPhone 11, which appears to have pinged twice at the address of Johnson's home.

Detective Gary Staab used the iPhone notifications as a basis for the raid which was carried out on the 77-year-old's home.

Johnson has now launched a lawsuit against Staab "in his individual capacity" after claiming he had illegally issued a raid warrant, which was noted by the complaint as "hastily prepared, bare-bones, misleading affidavit."

In addition to the allegations over the preparation, lawyers representing Johnson added that the raid "lacked probably cause that evidence of crime could be found" at the home.

The area covered by the application is said to have covered six properties and four blocks in the area.

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A statement from Denver Police said that the raid was carried out "due to allegations that six guns had been stolen and may have been located in Ms. Johnson’s home."

Johnson, who is now considering a move away from her home, had her lawyers issue a complaint that noted her home was left in "severe physical and emotional distress."

It also noted that her home was "left in disarray" and that her "sense of safety, and peace in her home have been shattered".

Denver Police has since apologised to Johnson, in a statement where they offered their apology to Johnson and "for any negative impacts this situation may have had on her."

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