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An adorable video has surfaced online of an attention-seeking Doberman begging for attention from their golden retriever pal, who doesn't oblige.

The cute clip first surfaced on TikTok and has since done the rounds all over social media.

In the clip, posted by @sarahsalughters from the US, the golden retriever looks as content as can be as it chills outstretched on the ground.

But then some unwanted company in the form of a Doberman pup comes along and begins to pace around in the other dogs' personal space.

The pup steps over the larger dog a few times before plonking itself down in the little spoon position.

To this point unmoved, the larger dog reacts, staring at the other dog in disbelief.

The final straw comes as the Doberman fully stretches out, launching its head back into the other dog's personal space, wrecking his comfort.

Millions have people have seen the video since it was shared, with one viewer writing: "Well, this looks like a comfy place to stretch out….now just to figure out how to lie on down."

Another said: "Someone wants attention."

"When bae feels like cuddling but you're not in the mood for it," added another.

The video also made it to popular Instagram page Instagolden, where it garnered nearly 40,000 likes.

One woman reacted to the post shared on September 9, saying: "This rug is very plush and warm."

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"Soooo precious! ….and what patience the Golden has!" another person said, referencing the fact that the retriever was so docile despite the Doberman's annoying aura.

The roles were reversed when a golden retriever was the one who was shunned in another video, by a grumpy Rottweiler.

In a TikTok video that has been watched nearly 4 million times, Sully the puppy is trying to get the attention of the bigger dog which is relaxing in a local park.

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Sully's owner Erin told Daily Star: "He has a 120-pound big brother so he loves big dogs.

"The Rottweiler is essentially the 'alpha' of the dog park and is one of the biggest dogs there and, for some reason, Sully wants to try and be his friend so badly."

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