The horrifying murder of a 12-year-old schoolgirl may have been caused by a fight over a boy, according to comments from classmates on social media.

Two suspects, aged 12 and 13, have confessed to stabbing a girl named only as Luise more than 30 times during a brutal attack.

The case has caused dismay in Germany, with the killers alleged to have posted a TikTok video of themselves dancing the day after the vicious attack.

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Luise disappeared after leaving the 13-year-old girl's house in Freudenberg, with German newspaper Bild reporting that her classmates killed her as “revenge” for telling an adult that they had been bullying her.

Comments under the girls' alleged TikTok dance post indicate that a boy was involved in their falling out.

The Daily Mail reports that the attackers are also accused of posting a video pleading for help finding Luise – after they had killed her and dumped her in a wooded area near Freudenberg.

Some of the girls' classmates have reportedly said that an unnamed boy caused the “best friends” to fall out, with a comment on the alleged TikTok saying: “I can't believe you're posting a dance video the day after the murder.”

Another classmate reportedly added: “When your chair in the classroom was empty this morning, we all knew what was going on.”

Both girls' social media accounts have since been taken down after they were flooded with comments.

However, screenshots of their videos have been circulated online by other users, including one where the accused 13-year-old claims to be “concerned” for Luise.

Luise is thought to have attended a sleepover at the 13-year-old's house on Friday night before going missing on Saturday afternoon.

The pair had known each other for years but it is not clear why they were spending time together in light of the bullying allegations.

The accused 12-year-old joined Luise and the 13-year-old on Saturday before the three of them went to a nearby forest, where the killing took place.

The two girls were spotted entering the woods with Luise by a neighbour, with the head of Koblenz police homicide department Florian Locker saying that the pair “made statements about the matter and in the end admitted the crime”.

No further details were given because the suspects are younger than 14 and under German law, children under 14 are under the age of criminal responsibility.

The knife used in the crime has not yet been recovered by investigators.

It is thought that following the murder, the older culprit called Luise's parents and told them that she had began to make her way home at 5.30pm, and to let her know when she arrived.

She also made several calls to Luise's phone because she was “worried” about her – but after the suspects gave contradictory reports to the police, they eventually confessed on the Monday after the killing.

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