A three-year-old has been left with severe cuts and covered in blood and she was viciously attacked by a dog.

Denise Hill, from Plymouth, said Mollie was savaged by a mutt while they were walking their own dog.

Mollie was reportedly attacked by a greyhound which could run at “35mph”.

Distraught mum Denise said the dog was not on a lead when it brutally attacked her young child.

She said her daughter was left covered in blood and terrified.

The mum told Plymouth Live: “At first the dog was playing with my dog for around 10 minutes.

"The man was speaking to my step son and was telling us his dog could run up to 35mph as he takes her to the tracks regularly to clock up the times and have a few quid.

"He then said she only sees him once every other week because he is the only one who walks the dog as his brother keeps her at his.

"He works away so she gets super excited and sometimes he can not control her he said, but at no point did he put her into the lead.

“The dog was dark brown on colour and stripy about one and a half times the size of Mollie.

"The dog was playing with my dog on a lead the whole time.

"As I went to take Rosie off the lead she was tangling me and my step son up, the dog charged for Rosie then charged for my daughter.

"The dog hit her from the front so her chest and tummy went into my daughter's head face and tummy.

"She flew backwards and hit her head on the ground. I was trying to scramble the lead off me and step son to get to her.

"The owner of the dog pinned his dog down and onto her back, saying 'naughty dog naughty dog' and apologised to me."

To Denise's horror, when she looked down at her jumper where she'd been comforting her daughter, she saw blood.

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The shocked mum said: "When I got to comfort my daughter, I looked at my jumper and said 'oh look there’s blood'. By this time she was bleeding from her nose and mouth.

"The owner then took the dog whilst I was dealing with my daughter to check for further injuries and fled the scene.

"He still didn’t put it on the lead until he got to the houses at the bottom of the field which takes you to the middle of Bampfylde way.

"My daughter had a bruise on her forehead and bit of a raised lump similar to an egg shape.

"She had cut her mouth, her teeth have pierced all of her lips top and bottom and they are very swollen."

The horrified mum rushed her injured daughter home and called the emergency number 111, which offers medical advice.

She said: "I was fearful of the fact she may have abdominal and chest injuries/trauma. I got her home and rang 111 to check her over.

"I have to watch her for the next week because that’s how long the nurse said it can take for an abdominal and chest injury to show.

"So have to watch for blood in the poop and urine also."

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