A 14-year-old girl was jailed after she ran away from a marriage arranged by her family and a neighbour in Mexico.

The girl, who was identified as Anayeli “N” by local press, was due to marry her neighbour in the village in Guerrero.

According to reports, Anayeli is reportedly a member of the Mixtec community and was under the impression it was her older sister who was getting married.

However, the girl refused to marry her neighbour, whose age is unknown.

Anayeli’s mother had reportedly received a payment of more than £7,000 (200,000 pesos) from the neighbour to marry her daughter.

Child marriages are illegal in Mexico but are still common in many rural parts of the country, with the girl’s town of Guerrero reportedly being one of the leading areas for the shocking crime.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Abel Barrera, director of the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center, gave details about Anayeli’s case and how once purchased, they are expected to complete all household chores.

Anayeli fled her family home on the day of the wedding and was taking shelter at a 15-year-old neighbour's house, named in local press as Alfredo “N”.

Mr Barrera said: “She preferred to flee without notifying anyone, regardless of the fact that her mother had already agreed (on the money) and the expenses paid by the groom’s father.”

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He also revealed that Anayeli’s father had been killed by unknown assailants and her mother was struggling financially.

When the neighbour’s family found out about her escape, they called Joya Real’s auxiliary law enforcement department, known as the Community Police.

Once she was found by the police, both Anayeli and Alfredo were arrested and sent to jail, according to The Independent.

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Anayeli was then reportedly asked by police to give in to the marriage or return the money spent by the neighbour's family.

Both teens were released after spending the night in jail as members from Mr Barrera’s Tlachinollan Center arrived with state police and representatives of the regional district attorney's office.

According to El Universal, both Anayeli and Alfredo have been put in protective custody for their own safety.

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