A 13-year-old girl who copied a dangerous TikTok trend was raced to hospital for emergency surgery after she had bad stomach pains and started vomiting “black stuff”.

The Liverpudlian ended up having her appendix and part of her bowel removed.

A scary viral video shows users how to create the appearance of a tongue piercing by placing magnetic ball bearings underneath and on top of the tongue, Liverpool ECHO reports.

Faye Elizabeth’s daughter, who didn’t want her name to be public, had 15 magnetic beads mashed amongst her internal organs.

Faye, from Rainhill, said : "The pains got worse so I took her to Whiston Hospital.

“They thought it might have been her appendix at first.

"Then they ruled that out and thought it might have been gastroenteritis until she started vomiting black stuff.

"They did a scan and found 10 of the ball bearings."

Magnetic balls were lodged in her bowel and appendix, Faye added.

The young girl was rushed emergency surgery at Alder Hey Children’s hospital.

Faye said: "They had to take part of her bowel away and re-stitch it. There was one stuck in her appendix so they had to remove that."

By the end of surgery, medics had taken a whopping 15 magnetic beads out of the girl’s organs.

She’s been left with a scar over six inches long and is still in hospital trying to recover.

The mum added: "I don't know when she swallowed them because she didn't admit at first to doing it. I think she was a bit scared of admitting what she'd done.

"Apparently she watched a TikTok video where there's a trend that all the kids are doing at the minute.

"I haven't actually seen it but she told me about it and a lot of other children her age have seen it.

"They put one of the beads on top of their tongue and one underneath and it makes it look like their tongue is pierced.

"And then she saw one where they put a big bead in the side of your cheek and put little beads on top of your cheek and you move it with your tongue so they move on your face.

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"They're magnets but because they're so small they're easy to swallow."

Tragically, it isn’t an isolated incident.

On Sunday an 11-year-old boy was left on his death bed after copying the same tongue piercing game.

He swallowed five small magnetic balls and was left in a “critical” position after infections spread from two major surgeries, The Daily Mail reports.

Faye said her daughter is still recovering and won’t be able to go home for another week or two.

She said: "She's in bed and the nurses are being wonderful and looking after her.

"She's feeding through tubes at the minute and she's got all drips and stuff.

"I've never seen her in so much pain in her life."

She added: "I think parents need to be made aware of these magnetic beads as they're very dangerous."

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