A 10-year-old genius girl has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking – and she wants to colonise Mars.

Adhara Pérez Sánchez, from Mexico, scored an astonishing 162 on her IQ test, which is believed to be two points higher than Einstein and Hawking, two of the cleverest men who ever lived.

Adhara has set her sights on being an astronaut, travelling to space, and even colonising the red planet.

From the age of three she learned to read, began assembling 100-piece puzzles and studied algebra. She is already pursuing two degrees in her native Mexico, one in systems engineering and the other in industrial engineering with a focus on mathematics.

Adhara was bullied by her peers at school, who branded her a "weirdo" or "oddball", NBC San Diego reports.

The little girl often liked to pass the time by studying the periodic table at home so her mum Nallely Sánchez decided to seek help for a different education plan after she said she did not want to go to school anymore.

Then it was revealed that she possessed the remarkable IQ of 162.

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Following that she sped through the school system and graduated high school by the tender age of just eight. She has also represented her university, Universidad CNCI in Monterrey, by talking about black holes at an event hosted by Tijuana's Institute of Art and Culture.

Adhara wants to go to the University of Arizona where she hopes to be recognised by NASA for its space exploration programme.

The Mexican prodigy is not the only child genius who appears to have a higher IQ than the iconic Hawking and Einstein.

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In 2019 British 10-year-old Freya Mangotra, from Birmingham, also scored 162 on a Mensa IQ test.

According to her dad Kuldeep Kumar, her score means she is officially a 'genius' according to officials at Mensa.

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