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A hilarious video shows a mother dog forcing her puppy to sit for their owner so they can get a treat.

The smart dog, believed to be a German shepherd or Belgian malinois, was praised by viewers on Reddit for "training" the pup on behalf of her guardian.

In the clip, a woman tells the dog: "Sit! Zipper, you don't get a treat until she sits!"

Zipper then notices her excitable little puppy is on her hind legs instead of sitting down and firmly plonks a paw on her backside.

The pup then sits and watches how her mum sitting too, appearing to understand and learn from the experience.

Unsurprisingly, the video has been a huge hit on Reddit since it was uploaded by u/1q8b on Tuesday (November 23) with the caption: "Don’t ruin this for me kid."

One fan commented: "Train a dog and you get a trained dog.

"Train a dog to train other dogs and you never have to train a dog again."

Someone else joked: "Momma doesn’t mess around when it comes to her treats."

A third user said: "This is so incredible haha. The pup’s expression after too is just great. It's like watching a cartoon."

"You can see how important it is that dogs interact with other older dogs to learn socially acceptable behaviour," said another person.

Someone else gushed: "I love German Shepherds. They are so smart and loyal."

But another commented; "I could be wrong but that looks like a Belgian Malinois."

German shepherds and Belgian malinois can look similar and both are valued as highly intelligent working dogs, suitable for training by the emergency services and armed forces.

There are a few differences, with German shepherds about 10% larger and a tendency to have slightly longer coats.

Belgian malinois are said to have a lighter coat with a dark "mask" pattern on their head and ears.

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